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Firemensch (Mèxico-Argentina)


Origin: Argentina / Mexico.
Languajes: English / German / Spanish

Is formed by Fernando Alonso & Matias Alonso (music, production) & Helder Camberos (vocals, lyrics). Fernando & Matias have their project MATSFER, and thet have remixed several projects on several labels, including Black Leather Records, Advanced Synergy and more.
Matsfer is signed and have been released on digital on Black Leather Records.
Helder have their projects RED INDUSTRIE, ISIS SIGNUM, W.A.R.D.R.O.B.E. amongst others and its director of the label Advanced Synergy in Mexico.  And have been signed and released by digital labels Black Leather Records, Black Montanas, Sango Music, Electrico Records, Null Republik  and in fisical Labels such as Electro Arc (Germany), Sigsaly Transmissions, and more.
Helder have remixed artists (as isis signum & red industrie) like Implant, Leaether Strip, Glis, Ayria, etc. And have been remixed by names like Millimetric, Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Destroid, Covenant), Implant, Vicious Pink, Equitant, Ionic Vision, Autodafeh, Darkmen, Modulate, Syrian and more.
Helder appeared on the recent compilation EBM1 by alfa matrix, as isis signum & red industrie, with names like Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Covenant, Combichrist, Spetznas, Leaether Strip, Ascii Disko and many more. And have been very well reviewed with isis signum & red industrie on SideLine Magazine in Europe.

Firemensch is EBM with influences of coldwave and industrial and more.  Influenced by DAF, Nitzer Ebb, Jäger 90, Project-X, Valis, Fad Gadget, The Horrorist, and many more.
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“death beat” album cd – Glory & Honour label (Russian Federation & UK) – 2012.

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