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Interview: T.W.A.T. (Sweden)

OÏ! OÏ! Prepare to reactivate your body, 'cause tonight we're going to heard the sound of the struggle, the battleground is full of Ebmers, punks & skins, all united, here's come the swedish duo called: T.W.A.T.

"T.W.A.T. emerged as one of the most unique projects last year, mixing oi and oldschool ebm styles,
which led to very catchy and fresh results! EBM has always been to some level influenced by punk music
through origins of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and Nitzer Ebb, and this influence is present in most modern bands as well.
However, T.W.A.T. is an entirely different case, because the Oi influence (which is unique from typical punk) stands out very strongly in their music -
which results in an entirely outstanding mix. T.W.A.T. is the very first band to go in this direction, and is doing so with great success."
(, january 2010)

1. Hi, Martin & Mary, i think everyone has already listen to your music, but again, can you introduce yourselves to ours readers?
The best way to describe our music would be our view of the best of EBM mashed together with the best of OiPunk.
We've got hard-ass beats spiced with melodies and in-your-face-lyrics meant to make you feel and sometimes be provoked.
We're treading a thin line between meaningfulness and preteniousness and that alone can be provoking, hopefully we manage to wake some sleeping lions.

2. After two ep, the solo project turned into a duo, can you tell us more about this development?
T.W.A.T. started out as Martins project, he was experimenting trying to find new angles on how to develop todays EBM. The songs recieved great feedback which lead to a gig in Germany.
I (Mary) was supposed to go with him for moral support, we made a roadtrip out of it. During this trip as I was helping Martin practise he remarked that it would be cool if I could join him on stage.
It turned out a success and on the way back home we were already discussing new ideas for T.W.A.T. Since then we've worked together on the project, it's great fun and we find we complement each other well.

3. How you divide the work to write a title?
We both write lyrics for T.W.A.T., sometimes one of us has written something but find it lacking something and the other one will chip in and complete it. Martin makes all of the music for the moment,
we make sure that we both listen and work at all songs together though, in our case four ears have proved better than two.

4. Is it easy to share a common life and music within the same band?
Yes! Haha, in our case it is. We have a little daughter and full-time jobs so the fact that we live together is perfect. We never have to schedule time for rehearsing or producing, lyrics are written and
examined as we make dinner and we'll spend the night forgetting to sleep and talking about music - well that would be the downside - lack of sleep ;D

5. After an ep & an album in the middle 2011, a new label for 2012, are you at work to release another album?
We sure are, seems 2012 is a year for music. Fingers crossed we'll have a new album out soon.

6. When I presented the draft of this compilation, you did not think twice, it is free and open to all, what do you think about all that?
We believe in progress and we believe in getting the word out. Our music is about raising your voice and making yourself heard. We guess it's every musician for themselves but for us we're more than willing to pay for a collectors LP or CD, and happy to pay for a banging concert - but pay for downloading churns the stomach. I guess we're old fashioned materialist who still live in the naïvety of thinking the internet should be free and open to all.

7. The radio is coming from South / Central america, do you listen to some bands from there?
We like all quality music regardless of origin. There is really awesome music coming from all parts of the world!

8. Some concerts are planning for 2012?
March 16 at Synthcave in Gothenburg Sweden
October 5-6 at Elektrostat in Norway
...we're hoping for more (wink wink to anyone arranging clubs and concerts out there)

9. Can you tell us yours ten favourites albums of all the times?
We can't agree on this one so we'll give you 5 each (although it pains us to leave out loads of other great albums)
Mary: Garbage (Garbage), KMFDM (any album), Project Pitchfork (!Chakra:Red!), Proyecto Mirage (Do not look at me), Noisex (Serious Killer)
Martin: A:Grumh (A hard days knight), Dropkick Murphys (The gangs all here), Nitzer Ebb (That total age), Ministry (Psalm 69), Current 93 (Island)

10. One cd, you bought and tried to forget?
Well I (Martin) once accidentally (?) managed to buy a magazine which included a CD with German Hiphop. Not something I would recommend.

11. I asked this question to every band, a favorite beer to recommand?
Martin would recommend "7,2". Mary recommends "Crabbies"

12. One word you like?
Is the EBM-auw considered a word? In that case: Auw!

13. One you dislike?

14. Something else for our audience?
Looking forward to seeing you out at some stompomania, check out our facebook or our website for news


Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 21.02.2012.
T.W.A.T. on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bandcamp, the 24.2.2012, Stay tuned!

Interview: Frontrot (Germany)

Time to introduce Frontrot, a one man project from Brandenburg (Germany).
In 2010, Herr Kader decided to transform his love for the Ebm oldschool, to a musical project. By making his own tracks, he wanted to search to re-define what's the korpermusik for himself.
Since these days, many demo tracks were posted on myspace, effectives sounds and taking its inspiration in what oldschool ebm has the better to offer to us.
When Thousands of harsh-, hell-or what ever bands mean what THEY are the best electronic music, Hk goes an other way...Electro addicts, your boots on the floor! Here's coming Herr kader! United we stand!

1. After this introduction, can you tell us what's the meaning of Frontrot?
Frontrot was founded as a project, that tells about problems I see all around me. Relationships, unemployment, hate and all the other problems in society. For me it means: "Standing in a line without fears of repression!" but maybe it means something else to each other.

2. What do you think about the compilation?
For me it is a pleasure to be on this sampler. Its always a good thing to be with so many good bands on the same release. I think with projects like these, you can reach people all over the world and show them how great this "little" scene is. Also its a good idea to make these interviews. Its sometimes better to know something about the artist you listen to [;)]

3. What are you ten favorites ebm oldschool tracks?
Front 242 - Kampfbereit
DAF - Als wär's das Letzte mal
Tommy Stumpff - Requiem
Armageddon Dildos - In my mind,
Krupps - Hi Tech Low Life
the rest is more New School like Alt-G, Elite! or AD:Key (sorry if I forgot one)

4. Your (s) favorite (s) Beer (s)?
 You can also ask a mother, which one of their children she loves more than the other.

5. One word you like?

6. One you dislike?
Any that discriminates!

7. A final word for ours readers?
Listen at your inner Voice, it is the only one you can trust. And in the case it lies too, you know who is the responsible person.
PS: Thanks to my friends for the support over the years. Without you I am nothing.
Back to the Boots!

Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 21.02.2012.
Frontrot on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bandcamp, the 24.2.2012, Stay tuned!

Interview: 747 Federales (Spain)

1. Quienes son los componentes de 747 Federales ?
Fan Dl Kaox, Big Toxic, Myxluydy Meldyman, Kamerox, Nöe Mixtery & Sanii.
2. Como decidieron crear una banda y llamarla 747 Federales ?
Por amor a la felicidad que te dá la música se crea una banda. 747 es el avión que más veces da la vuelta al mundo. Federales, defensa de la esperanza.

3. Que influencias tiene 747 Federales ?
 EBM, Electro, Electrónica, Disco, Goth, Punk, sin Dios.

4. Cual es el mensaje de 747 Federales ?
Esperanza, venturismo, Amor por Amar y Amor por el sonido.

5. 747 Federales tiene algun ritual antes de una actuacion ?
En Preparación.

6. Como describirias la sensacion de estar encima de un escenario ?

7. Cuales son los nuevos proyectos de 747 Federales ?
Estamos grabando lo que será la nueva oleada de tracks en 2012.

8. Cuanto dias a la semana dedicais a ensayar para 747 Federales ?
1 o 2 según. y la mayor parte de los días de la semana, crear y producir.

9. Que bandas escucha 747 Federales ?
 Todo tipo de estilos y producciones.

1. Una palabra que describa a 747 Federales ?

11. Que consejo le dariais a una persona que quiera montar una banda ? 
Que piense en que la música le hará feliz, si siente eso, Adelante Bonaparte.

12. Como puede contactar la gente con 747 Federales ?


Entrevista realizada por David para la Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, el 21.02.2012. 
747 Federales en Stomping Before Apocalypse en Bandcamp el 02/24/2012, estad atentos!

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Interview: Dr.Body (Chile)

Back to Chile, we'll talk with Felipe and Jesús about their great EBM band called Dr.Body !

1. At first, can you please introduce the band and tell us how started?
Felipe: Ok.  Dr.Body started after a soloist project named Omega Project, this one was just electronic and experimental music with some EBM influence.
As time went by, I met Jesús Pinto (vocalist) and we realized that we share a liking for much of the same music, most of our ideas and thoughts. Jesús was gaining a biggest interest in the musical environment and we started creating some demos together. We share lyrics and creativity, so we could change some details of the first songs of my own production: Omega Project (annihilation squad, disorientated, ambush) and then we recorded our first songs.
When we had have the demo done, we decided to change the name of the project to “Dr. Body” (Jesús and Felipe)

2. What inspiring you?
Felipe:   Mmm, that is a complicated question, the answer could change depending of the current situation. There are so many things that inspire us, but I think that the love we’ve got for music is what move us. We can express ourselves, what we see and feel, spending time with people that surround us and feeling that we are not so wrong about what we think and decide.

3. What is your favorite bands and why?
Felipe: Well, I don’t have a particular band which I can say it is my favorite one, there are so many good bands whose songs refers to different things and their sounds are so powerful that make you vibrate. I’ve got a very long list jaja, but I can point out that ADAC8286 is awesome, their music motivate me because their lyrics are aggressive, they don’t fear of saying what they think and I admire that. (my regards to Weisio and ADAC followers)
Another band could be Guerrilla. Since I had listened to their first demos, I liked them, even more DNF, I think that the idea of getting together both bands was absolutely awesome. Their hard, dark, rhythmical and energy music plus a delicious beer just make me unconscious.
Jesús: In my case, I couldn’t name only one favorite EBM band. This is complicated… I’m really into a variety of musical taste (actually, my favorite band has a darkwave style) but if we talk about EBM I could say that D.A.F, ADAC8286 and Sturm Café are the best ones.

4. How is EBM scene in Chile?
Felipe/ Jesús: Chile hasn’t a strong EBM scene. There are lots of parties which promote the dark scene but not so much the EBM, that’s why we must listen to these bands at home drinking some beer jaja. Sometimes we organize meetings with our comrades (EBM Elite Chile) a movement that has experienced solid growth in recent years.
We’re pretty sure that here in Chile, as well as many countries, Old school movement is enjoyed in silence. Maybe we are more than expected, but only a few who really take part of this movement.

5. What is your opinion about the EBM scene in Latin America?
Felipe: The EBM scene in Latin America is becoming more popular every time but I repeat what I mentioned before,  this scene is in a deep underground. It is always a minority who really enjoy this scene as such. Nowadays, Rave is in fashion in Chile, and people don’t change it, it’s the evolution jajaja. I don’t mind the fact that people prefer to be into fashion, that’s not my problem, I’d rather the old sound. We do not need quantity, we need quality.
Jesús: Yeah! I agree with Felipe, this scene in latin America is growing through time, not in the same quantity in comparison with years ago, but with all our enthusiasm and strength that we are developing, EBM scene will be noticed by more people for sure!

6. Your best bands of all time?
Felipe:   Another difficult question jajajaja, I have two of them, DAF and Nitzer Ebb but I would tip the scales in McCarty favor. When I’ve heard his music for the first time it was like a revolution happening on my mind, actually with Jesús we have karma about that jajaja, we always remember the roots of Nitzer (the video where his microphone is cut off and they must stop the show) because the same happened with us a lot jajaja, well.. there are anecdotes which we should laugh about them.
Jesús:    jajajaja, yeah! That’s true! Always when we perform in front of an audience we say “just like Nitzer!”, ‘cause bad things happened most of the times, but we are enjoying this after all!.

7. One word you like?
 Felipe:  Friends (I’m not gay! jajajaja) It’s obvious that close friends are very important and a support in your life. I prefer having friends rather than money.
Jesús: Loyalty.

8. One word you dislike?
Felipe:   Religion, I think that it is the worst company where you could work for. Although you don’t earn money, you should pay something. People kill and thousand die for this shit. They ask for help when they are having difficulties to this well known “Celestial God” but they are not able to truly understand it, it’s sounds absurd!
Jesús: system! I hate everything related to systems in organizations, whether work system, the different ways to success in’s just against nature! (just in case: I’m not a hipster).

9. What is the news from this year?
Felipe: The news…mmm well, currently we are preparing full-length album called “Somos Obreros” along with songs you’ve already know such as: Unidad EBM, Libertad and Somos Obreros. This album focuses on truly EBMers, it’s for us, for us all. We hope you enjoy what you hear in our new album. After this project we are going to focus on a demo completely dedicated to the church and different religions. We are not satanic in any way! But we share something particular with them, we don’t tolerate religious crap.
Jesús: that’s true! Enough of that shit!

10. How can our audience be in contact with you?
Felipe/Jesús:  That’s easy! You can find us on facebook: or, you can also find us as Felipe Ortiz and Jesús Pinto, we can talk, ask for emails, msn, or drink beer, whatever the situation may be.
This is our myspace:

11. Let’s talk about beer, which is the best for you?
Felipe:   you enjoy getting me in trouble jaja, there are so many beers I love: lager, ales, blond, brunette and red hair jajajajaja
I’m not sure what the best is, but some of our favorites are Austral, Budweiser and Kaufmann, in other cases, any beer which contains a considerable amount of alcohol and a good taste.
Jesús: jajajaja I prefer smoking pot jajaja but talking about beer hmmmm, corona! Jojojo I’m a little bit drunk!

We want to thank all of you for sharing your time and dedication and for giving us the opportunity of this interview.
Thanks a lot to Vanessa Muñoz who helped us with the translation of this.
And for all of you who are the biggest support of our music every day, Thank you!

Jesús and Felipe


You can download Dr.Body - Animales del Caos on Mediafire.

1.  Al principio, puedes presentar por favor a tu banda, tu historia?
Felipe: Ok. Dr.Body nació desde un proyecto solista anterior llamado Omega Project, el cual solo era música electrónica experimental con algunos toques de la EBM.
Al pasar el tiempo conocí a Jesús Pinto (vocal), ambos compartíamos los mismos gustos musicales y algunos pensamientos. Jesús fue introduciéndose más en el ámbito musical y empezamos a crear algunas cosas juntos, compartimos letras y creatividad, experimentamos con los primeros temas que eran parte de mi producción como solista en Omega Project (escuadrón de aniquilación, desorientado, emboscada) y comenzamos a grabar.
Cuando ya teníamos las maquetas hechas, decidimos cambiar el nombre del proyecto a Dr.Body (Jesús y Felipe).

2. Lo que inspira ustedes?
Felipe: mmm... una pregunta con una respuesta muy extensa y variada :P, nos inspiran muchas cosas, pero creo que el amor a la música es lo que nos mueve, el poder expresar lo que vemos y sentimos, compartirlo con la gente  que nos rodea y sentir que no estamos tan equivocado en lo que pensamos o decimos.. :P

3. ¿Cuál es tu banda favorita y por qué?
Felipe:  mmm… una en especial no tengo, hay muchas bandas buenísimas, que expresan cosas variadas, y musicalmente hablando, sonidos energéticos  que te hacen vibrar. Creo yo tengo una lista inmensa jajajajaa... pero de las destacadas seria ADAC 8286, su música me motiva, sus letras son agresivas, no tiene miedo de decir lo que piensan, me gusta eso. (Un saludos para Weisio y los secuaces de ADAC jejeje).
Otra podría ser Guerrilla, desde que escuche sus primeros demos me encanto, mas aun DNF, creo que juntar ambas bandas fue una idea genial, su música dura, oscura, rítmica y energética, mas unas buenas cervezas me dejan knockoutjajaja.
Jesús: Por mi parte, diría que una banda favorita de EBM es una pregunta difícil...  mi gusto por la música es variado en si (mi banda favorita es algo Dark) pero si hablamos de EBM, podrían ser D.A.F, A.D.A.C8286 y Sturm Cafe...pero por lo general me lleva el sonido análogo.

4. ¿Como es la escena EBM en Chile?
Felipe: La escena EBM en Chile no es muy grande, cada uno en su casa escuchandomúsica y tomando cervezajajaja... hay veces que hacemos juntas con los camaradas (EBM Elite Chile) que es el movimiento que ha surgido, y bueno creo que como en todos lados, el movimiento Old School se vive en silencio. Quizás somos muchos, pero pocos los que realmente participamos o somos parte de ella.

5.  ¿Cuál es la opinión de ustedes sobre la escena EBM en América Latina?
Felipe:   creo que la escena EBM en Latinoamérica esta pegando, pero de una forma silenciosa. Siempre es una minoría la que realmente disfruta del EBM como tal. La masa esta enfocada al sonido Raver que esta de moda, y ahí se han quedado, es la evolución jajaja.No me molesta la verdad, pero me quedo con el viejo sonido, no necesitamos cantidad, sino calidad.
Jesús: ¡Si! La escena en Latinoamérica esta pegando de a poco, a través de los años el movimiento se a ido perdiendo, pero ahora con la fuerza y el entusiasmo que estamos creando con todas las bandas y comunidades ira creciendo, seguro!

6. Sus mejores bandas de todos los tiempos?
Felipe:  Otra pregunta difícil (jajaja), tengo dos la verdad.Ambosclásicos...DAF y Nitzer Ebb, aunque me inclino mas por McCarty. Su música fue una revolución en mí cuando los escuche por primera vez, y junto a Jesús tenemos su Karma jajajaa... siempre nos acordamos de nitzer en sus inicios (en YT hay un video cuando les cortan el micrófono y paran la tocata) ya que nos pasaba lo mismo jajajaja.... pero bueno… son cosas de las que reímos.
Jesús:  jajaja…  ¡Si! Es verdad… Nuestro dicho al tocar en vivo siempre fue "a lo nitzer", por que nunca solía resultar bien, siempre pasaba algo… pero bueno, así es esto! Siempre disfrutando

7.  ¿Una palabra que te gusta?
Felipe:  Amigos.... (yo no soy gay jajajajaja). Creo que los reales amigos son importantes en la vida, mas vale tener amigos que dinero.
Jesús: Lealtad.

8.  ¿Una palabra que no te gusta?
Felipe:  Religion........ Creo que es la peor empresa en la que puedes trabajar, No ganas dinero (ellos te cobran), la gente muere y mata por religión, y todo lo que no puede ser comprendido por sus cabezas es gracias a un padre celestial jajaja..Pobregente.
Jesús: Sistemas!...odio los sistemas de sometimiento,  ya sean trabajos, formas de crecimiento social, etc. Es algo anti natural (never hippie) ;)             

9. ¿Cuáles son las noticias para este año?
 Felipe: Lo nuevo… mmm bueno tenemos pensado lanzar próximamentenuestro nuevo trabajo titulado "somos obreros", con algunos temas que Uds. ya conocen (unidad EBM, libertad y somos obreros) el disco esta enfocado realmente a los EBM’rs... a nosotros, a todos nosotros. Esperamos sea de su agrado. Futuramente estaríamos trabajando en un disco cortito dedicado a la iglesia y sus distintas religiones, no somos satanistas ni mucho menos, pero tenemos algo en común con Jesús, no toleramos sus mentiras. :P
Jesús: es cierto! ....basta ya de mierda !!!!

10. ¿Como podemos estar en contacto con ustedes?
Felipe: eso es muy fácil, nos pueden buscar por Facebook ( o Felipe Ortiz o Jesús Pinto, msn, etc, es cosa de agregar para charlar un poco y si estamos cerca compartir unas cervezas.

11. ¿Vamos a hablar de la cerveza, que es el mejor para ustedes?
Felipe:   Les gusta ponerme en aprietos (jajaja)… hay variadas… rubias, morenas y pelirrojas jajaa.
No se si hay una mejor pero si algunas preferidas (austral, budweiser o kaufmann) o cualquier cerveza que tenga un buen sabor y grado alcohólico:)
Jesús: jajajjajaja prefiero la yerba! pero si es por cerveza ...hmmmmmmmmcorona! jojojojo ...i'm a Little drunk! ....

Queremos agradecer a Uds., por el tiempo, trabajo y dedicación para esta compilación.
De igual forma agradecer a Vanessa Muñoz que nos ayudo con la traducción de la entrevista.
A todos quienes nos apoyan día a día, ¡Gracias!

Jesús y Felipe


Puedes descargar Dr.Body - Animales del Caos en Mediafire.

Entrevista realizada por Vanessa para la Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, el 17.02.2012. 
Dr.Body en Stomping Before Apocalypse en Bandcamp el 02/24/2012, estad atentos!

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Interview: New Fabrik (Chile)

A last minute project joined us, Chileans are coming again! Another band from South America, who follow us on our compilation, time for New Fabrik!

1. For ours readers, can you introduce your band?
New fabrik was born as a soloist project as an ebm old school band style in 2010, 100% made Chile!
2. Why have you choose the name New Fabrik?
The name came to me with the impression of a new fabrik, with new machines, sounds clean, a whole new atmosphere that i wanted to give to my musical production.

3. Do you want to spread a message through yours compositions?
The most of my tracks speaks about the world destruction by the hands of men, and no one assumes responsibility for the disaster that is growing every day more and that we are all guilty, even a little.

4. What do you think about our compilation? A Free web release with a large place for latins bands?
I think that any project of ebm, electronica has to emerged, it has covered Latin America as its could be seen, with many good Latino bands from Mexico, Colombia or Chile!
Sure that they can be present.....for all of us it would be a great pleasure to be part of the world ebm

5. Your 10 favorites albums to bring everywhere?
Sturm cafe - so seelisch so choen
Bodystyler - Your boots
Front 242 - back catalogue
DAF - alles ist gut
Container 90 - scandinavian masters
Dupont - intermezzo
Jager 90 - muskeln und kusse.
Sequenz-E - Koerperkraftkontrolle
Spark! - ett lejon i dig
Serpent - immer voran

6. One thing you dislike?
In how I see things, from my point of view, one is injured in his own body with toxic, the degradation of the people who are running awaymoney, the world's evil and the invention of God.


Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 16.02.2012.
New Fabrik on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bandcamp the 24.2.2012, Stay tuned!