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Interview: Tech Nomader (Spain)

I'm not a specialist, i can say proudly that it's one of mine first interviews, i wish not to be boring but i have to do it...We all know Tech Nomader sounds, but what about them? Certainly a lots of peoples don't give a shit about this question, probably first themselves..Me, i know them, this is why it's so difficult to me to realise it, after reading many interviews of this spanish doesn't matter, i have to jump, today i have to talk with Tech Nomader!

1. For the reader whose get closer to Guantanamo or travelling in Nepal for long years, can you tell us who is Tech Nomader?
Oh yes, Tech Nomader is an EBM project founded some years ago. The original formation was me (Jordi) and some idiot guy called Pablo who doesn't belong anymore to here. When I decided to keep the project alive without the help of Pablo an incredibly small tattooed guy called Tommy appeared. He is the actual partner in this reborn duo.
I (Jordi) was born in Barcelona and I provide the spanish lyrics for the band and Tommy from Wien (Austria), the other guy who is with me in this interview, is the provider for the deutsch lyrics. We plan just to make EBM in this project, to have fun, and nothing more!

 2. Jordi, where do you meet Tommy? And how you start to continue Tech Nomader together?
Jordi: We formed our meeting in a famous local liquor store here in Barcelona some years ago. He contacted me via internet because he traveled into my city to visit his girl (now his wife). It was the same week I decided to “reconstruct” Tech Nomader. I can say that Tommy was the guy who saved the project.
Tommy: Jordi does not tell you all the truth: The first time we´ve met Jordi just put some make up into my face and he told me that im in from now on. I had to shut up and pay the final bill of beers.

3. What inspire you to produce and write lyrics?

Jordi: We decide if it's a funny sound and then we make funny lyrics about a crazy idea, or we deform typical topics on music or life and we make deformed lyrics (like “Muskelfrau”). Sometimes I get inspiration due to the old EBM formulas used by the old bands and I try to use the kind of lyrics they used but for me it was always impossible to get it similar to them so finally it ends with a strange construction, nothing similar to the inspiration. This happens also when I decide to use aggressive or provocative lyrics which intend to be “general meaning”, not specifically against somebody (example: Mano Armada).
Tommy: Elvis Presley inspires me.

4. How do you work? lyrics at first or music?

Jordi: We don't have a certain way how to work. Sometimes we start with crazy lyrics, just a funny song title or sometimes I start only with the music and later I create a title and the lyrics.
Tommy: As Jordi asks me to create some german lyrics from time to time I always let some time pass until he forgets about his request. Meanwhile I can create some lyrics during my weekly shower and I can surprise Jordi with another great missing piece finally. 

5. Are you a compulsive producer or do you work slowly?

Jordi: I am a very slow worker, it takes me more than 1 or 2 months to complete a song.
Tommy: Slow but sure!

6. I think a lots of people are waiting you,do you have your 3 album under your bed?

Jordi: No, we are just making new songs for a future uncertain album. But the concept isn't planned yet. We are very lazy and we are taking some 'holidays'.
Tommy: Honestly, I don´t know nothing about a 3rd album……but! The 5th will be out soon! Hu! Ha!

 7. I remember the first time i saw you live, in Marseille, i was feeling a rough attitude better than some punk rock live show, it was you, the place, the public or it's always like this? ( i was too drunk but you was kind to don't push me out the backstage..)

Jordi: I will always say that one of the best concerts in Tech Nomader´s life was the gig in Marseille (Messes Synthetiques). We could feel the excellent atmosphere there and what we returned what the crazy crowd gave to us. Pure energy. That's a feeling which is difficult to find in a lot of concerts nowadays. This feeling is the result of all the factors together, it's a “magic”, nobody knows the science of a good concert, who knows... maybe it's an utopic concept and the musicians / spectators are always under divine commandments. Another nice concert was in Iberian Beat Machine 2011. Both shows will always be kept in my mind.
Tommy: As it was a real special night in Marseille for Jordi and me all the thanks need to be given to the team of Messes Synthetiques. There an excellent exchange of energy between people (drunk or crazy or sexy, I don´t remember in detail ;o) got real. After the concert Jordi and me had to transform into cars thus we got hungry for some Ham- and Cheeseburgers. We never did that before!

8. Tommy, how many keys you use for a live? do you have a fetish brand to recommand to our reader?

Ha, ha, this is the best question ever!
As you also joined our funny but short gig at the Familientreffen in 2011 you remember my only words on stage: “Made in germany” – holding the key up.
The funny thing is that never any keys broke but the tubes needed to be changed several times already (made in Spain) :o)

9. What do you think about this free web release? and generally about the rising of many news bands in Europe, in South/Central America?

Jordi: for me it's EXCELLENT, and they must be keep the EBM scene alive. Without new artists or projects this style of music would be boring. In South/Central America there are some really nice bands and I like some of them more than others but all of them are making the right thing in music! I think europe must pay more attention to this bands and to give them more opportunities. We started like them! The web releases for me are also good like a label release when the sound and compositional material has the same quality. I have a lot of bought CDs from labels and also a lot of web releases downloads and I love all this collection in both possible ways.
Tommy: Music in general is a product of free mind and free thought. As a part of any forthcoming revolution music needs to get cheaper anyway. Free releases are a must and pushing new artists is, either.

10. What can i find on your headphone? the best and the worst?

Jordi: This answer changes from time to time. The best off right now is a mix of the alltime loved EBM bands and my new music hobby: the guitar! So... I can say I love the EBM classics which you already know and some new bands which are raising just a few months or years ago, like ECM (a great promise for the spanish EBM scene), a hungarian band called Gulga, the finnish Oldschool Union and some other nice bands! I also like guitarists like Satriani, Vai, V. Halen, Randy Rhoads, G. Moore, etc.
The worst is when I start to search for bands of music like dubstep, cyber-electro, pop, indie-rock and those kind of things which I don't remember neither it's names. Sincerely... I don't like it.
Tommy: On my headphones you can find a big piece of dry shit of a seagull. I like that birds.

11. One day, i hear an history about a raid near my town, can you tell us more?

Jordi: Yes, if you are refering to the concert on March...we had been asked for to go there, but with our jobs and actual lack of time we cannot make neither our own songs. It's a whole large weekend in France due to Messes Synthetiques fest (In where our friends of Electrophobia will be playing) and also a pre-party in a stephen king-like town where Karbu38 nearly lives. But if you are referring to Cap d'adge I must say that finally I bought a house there for to make really giant 24h-orgies so we don't have time for music, sorry.
Tommy: With our speed we would arrive in 2026, would that be ok for you?

12. One word you like?

Jordi: “Monstruito”, “HDL: Hab Dich Lieb” and “cállate payasoooo”.
Monstruito is about Tommy (ask him what´s about), HDL is about a person who lift my heart up to heaven and cállate payaso just sounds great with a broken loud voice screamed to some motherfucker.
Tommy: One EBM world united! (world or word??)

13. One you dislike?

Jordi: Any which could have double meaning or the people misunderstands.
Tommy: No, I always like one. But a full one, please! (We are talking about: BEERS!)

14. And finally the most important, a beer you use to drink?

Jordi: definitely Im used to have some San Miguel and Xibeca because these are our local beers. These aren't that bad and not expensive. But Im still prefering the german ones (especially Weissbier!)
Tommy: All the 23 members of Tech Nomader are vegetarians and anti-alcoholics. But sometimes we make an exception. As I will never be able to tell you my one and only most favourite band, idol or something like that I can not tell you my favourite brewery. Austrian breweries do excellent jobs. If you ever have the chance then check these out: Hirter, Schlägl, Weitra, Murauer and last but not least the everlasting Viennese brewery´s hell-of-a-products called Ottakringer.

15. What's else for our reader?

Jordi: I discovered (or realized) a thing which can resolve the nightmares of a lot of people related to music: there is no “best” or ”worst” music. There are no technical precise terms to say “this is better than .... or this is worse than...”. Mozart is not better than Lady Gaga or DAF is not better than a stupid Reggaeton song and doesn't need to be of the same style to be criticized.
But you are 100% able and right to speak about your taste. You can say “I like this more than.... or I don't like that” and the reason will remain in an uncertain origin. Stay RELIABLE to your desires and tastes, speak with the truth about yourself on your hand and nobody would say you're wrong.
Apply this formula to your own life facts and people's facts and your vision will be more wide, versatile and powerful. (Tommy: Jordi is indeed an excellent spokesman, I like that!).
Cedric: Many thanks, guys! You are the Elite del bar!

Interview by Cedric fro Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 31.01.2012

Tech Nomader on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on bandcamp the 24.2.2012, 

stay tuned!

Interview: BÄR (Portugal)

The next one lives in Portugal. It's not a new comer, he's coming back with his one man project called: BÄR. Porto, here we come!

1. At first, who is behind the name of BÄR?
Behind BÄR it's just me, Nelson K. I do the compositions, lyrics and productions/mastering of all tracks.

2. How and when, you feel the need to start a solo project?
The idea of a solo project was on my mind, long before the creation of  Lokomotiv.
I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't have the technical  know-how to produce my own songs...
And I still don't, but now I have the suficient knowledge to produce my own tracks to the way I want. Alex from Lokomotiv gave me lots of pointers to do so

3. Lokomotiv is off?
Not at all. We have different, academic and professional agendas, so we are laying low, waiting for a chance to start moving again. Proving that, it's our schedule for gigs. One gig during this Carnival in our city (Porto) and getting ready to blast everything and everyone at the Familientreffen this year!

4. Is it so different to work alone?
Very different. In Lokomotiv there's some sort of a symbiosis between me and Alex. We can compose a great song in about 20 minutes without saying a word to each other during the process. In BÄR, is that easy, but, I can be very auto-destructive about self criticism. If I hear the track too many times, i begin to find lots of flaws and i tend to begin all over again.

5. What inspire you to write lyrics? what's the message you want to give?
Everything it's an excuse to do a lyric. A personal experience, life, society,  social injustice, war, peace. Most of my lyrics wants to open people's eyes to all the shit inside our world and inside our life.

 6. I know you are also dj, with a big musical culture? What do you prefer?
Well... that's a very difficult question. I have a very big musical background.
I first listen to EBM when I was 12 years old by the hands of some older friends.
I think it was Front242 with the track "Body to Body" and I loved it so much that the passion continued to this very day.
By that time I already was listening some other form of electronic music: New Wave, Visage, Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Alphaville, etc....
But all my teenagehood was spent listening to Punk and NY Hardcore. Nowadays... well... I prefer listening to EBM dark folk and everything from the Cold Meat Industry label.
As a dj, unfortunaly, i have to play a little bit of everything ehehe..

7. Tell us your 10 favorites albums of all the times
Uhh... that's a tough one... let's see:
Arcana "Dark Age of Reason"
Puissance "Mother of Desease"
Death In June "What ends when the symbol shatters?"
Sol Invictus "King and Queen"
Groupe T "Electronic Warfare"
Front 242 "Back catalogue"
Image Transmition "Filth"
Frontline Assembly "Caustic Grip"
Armaggedon Dildos "That's armaggedon"
Ionic Vison "Neumaschinen"

8. Which is your last ebm cd you bought?
I think it was AD:Key "That's it!".

9. What do you think about the idea to release a free web compilation to promote as egual the European & South American scene?
I think it's great. If one person wants to release something in the EBM scene, it as to be for the passion of it. I believe that free web releases it's a very good thing. We have done that in Lokomotiv and released two free EPs with BÄR. Groupe T (now there's some thing I do really like!) have all the releases free on the web. that's always a good example to follow. It's the best way to people know our work!

10. Gigs and some productions in 2011, what can i wish for 2012?
Same thing! In March, BÄR's going to play live in Guimiraes,the European Capital of Culture of this year and I'm trying to get some gigs out of Portugal. At this point I'm trying to do a gig in Barcelona with my EBM brothers: Electrophobia.About productions... I'm planning to release 2 more Eps for free download and release a Split cd with Electrophobia in June. Stay tuned!

11. One word you like?
12. One you dislike?

13. If i come in Porto, which beer we could drink together?
Super Bock of course! But I have a beer that I like even more than Super Bock: Estrella Galicia

14. One word to finish?
Lots of word actualy. I would like to thank you for this interview. The EBM community around the world for listening to my shit ahahah and my wife and son for being critics ahahah! EBM UNITED!

15. Can you give us yours contact?

Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos Y fuertes the 31.01.20 
BÄR on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on bandcamp the 24.2.2012, Stay tuned!

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Interview: Aghast View (Brasil)

It's a day not as everyday, it's an important day, we are going to Brasil to talk with the old timers from Aghast View!! You said Oldschool?

1. At first, can you please, introduce the band, his history and the members?
Wow, for Aghast View, it is huge Bio... I suggest visiting our FB page for that. But it was formed in 1993 and stopped its activities in 2003.
For Aesthetische - Established in August 2011, by Fabricio Viscardi and Guilherme Pires, Aesthetische is the natural consequence of Aghast View. Seasoned by years of electronic music and back to bring EBM roots to everyone who always enjoyed our music with Aghast View and Biopsy. We are now finalizing our first full lenght album Powerswitch for a mid 2012 release on Alfa Matrix Belgium.

2. What inspiring you to compose the musics and letters?

Letters are normally inspired by daily life and what feel strong about it, our ideas and protests. Sometimes, lyrix are only fictional pieces with no real contents, just fun. Music is inspired by other music as well as daily life noises, films, even weather.

3. 3 How can you discribe the sound you produce?
It is certainly 100 % electronic music with a hard edged sound, inspired by EBM from the 90´s, a bit of trance from the 2Ks and touches of metal and everything in between here and there. A label would be modern EBM with a bit of an old school feeling.

4. Tell us about your others projects.
Well, right now our main project and the only one which is active and consuming all our time and efforts is Aeesthetische. Biopsy was a more electro crossover project in the vein of the Swamp Terrorists and Aghast View, well you know about that one.

5. Your best bands of all time?
Well we are old school guys, who made us get into making music were : Front 242, Front Line Assembly and Nitzerebb. But there are many other favorite bands we had some infleuence like the Swamp Terrorists, Leaether Strip and Skinny Puppy for example. 

6. One word you like?

7. One word you dislike?

8. What is the news from 2012?
Big news for us. We are finalizing recording our 12 track debut album for AESTHETISCHE. It is named POWERSWITCH and will be out in mid 2012 on ALFA MATRIX BELGIUM. The cd will also have a ltd edition version as a double cd with remixes from us and from other great electronic artists.

9. How can our audience be in contact with you?
Anyone can feel free to contact us via email - Visit also our Facebook sites!

10. At last, for our beer ranking, which is the best for you?

Difficult to tell! I love the German Weissbiers and also the American Dark Stouts!

Interview By Vanessa for Radio Ebm Unidos Y Fuertes the 30/01/2012.
Aghast View on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bancamp the 24.2.2012. Stay tuned!!

Interview: Electrophobia (Catalonia)

To be one of the first band to be agree to join us on our free web release, let's go to Catalonia to meet Electrophobia!

1. For the people whose don't yet listen to your music, can you introduce the band, the members?
Eduard Olle , principal voice
Sergio Trujillo,second voice
Victor Safont, electronic drums.
Electrophobia EBM is a band born in Barcelona in February 2011. The components are: Eduard Olle "ex Awilum", "ex Phantom Raised.":programing & voice. Sergio Trujillo, "former urban power". voice. Victor Safont victor "ex awilum", "old former coroner." electronic drums. Electrophobia is pure EBM, its members have gone through several groups as awilum ebm, old coroner, etc. and phantom raised by several collectivos as urban power (Lleida). Electrophobia is a band of Barcelona, we fully play electronic music.

2. How do you start this new project?
to shut the mouths of people who talk too much!

3. Your cd is just released, how do you feel?
excited and eager to continue working to show much better material.

4. Can you give More information about your musical background?
heard many types of music and varied ... we could not stop talking about music ...

5. What inspire you to produce your music, in our world, the life, music, art
what bothers me decide to do a song to talk about it, I use the music as a lethal weapon to defeat my enemies.

6. Since many years, Catalonia bring us many good bands, are you in contact with them? and from others countries?
In Barcelona there are very good ebm bands in Catalonia and Spain as well, that we know and we respect.

7. What do you think about our compilation?
is a very good idea and would like to support me, thanks.

8. Your best 10 albums of all time?
armagedon dildos , homicidial maniac.
pouppee fabrikk , rage.
bigod 20 , carpe diem.
leather strip , mental slavery.
the klinik , sabotage
signal aout 24 , vae victis.
escalator , antologia.
front 242 , tragedy for you.
nitzer ebb , that total age.
decibelios , caldo de pollo.

9. Many gigs the last years, more to come certainly, a cd in store, what can i wish you for 2012?
by 2012 we want to crush fascism and burn the politicians!.

10. One word you like?
revolution,sex,amphetamines and ebm!.

11. One you dislike?
politicians and wealthy pigs

12. The last, the same for the all, your favorite brand of beers?
they are many jaja, new castle,murphys,guniess,moritz,estrella damm ...

13. A last word for your audience?
buy our records and kill fascists.

14. And how can we be in contact with Electrophobia?

You can order the cd: Electrophobia "No habrá paz" on disconexus

Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos Y Fuertes, the 29/01/2012.
Electrophobia on Stomping before Apocalypse Vol.1 soon on Bandcamp the 24.2.2012. Stay tuned!

Interview: Gulga EBM (Hungary)

It's time to go to Hungary, where a new ebm act arise the last year, his name: Gulga
Discover on youtube, Gulga is a one man project born in 2011 in the east part of Hungary, in Miskolc city. He's making music since his childhood and played in some electro industrial bands.

There, he created hard ebm sounds, his favourite musical genre.
Gulga 's lyrics told about social distortion, fight of everyday and military feelings.

Gulga get his inspiration from classic oldschool band as Nitzer ebb, Front 242, D.A.F, but also form the neo oldschool scene as Kropp, Jager 90....
For 2012, he's working to a new project but continue to mixing new sounds for his self made project: Gulga.
We wish him many succes for 2012, Gulga ebm rules!!

You can meet him on his facebook page or

Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos Y Fuertes.
Gulga on Stomping before apocalypse vol.1 soon on bandcamp the 24.2.2012, stay tuned!!

Interview: Aguilatron Project (Brasil)

Brasil, here we go! Aguilatron Project is waiting for us...

1. Can you please introduce the band and his history?
Aguilatron Project was created in 2008 through the samplers, vocals, and editions of Jesus, commonly known as AguilaThe idea is to produce electronic music from any sound that represents the  fast. could and fluid of reality  in that we live.

2. How did you get this name?
The name came about because of my own nickname (Aguila) and the suggestion of friends who encouraged my insertion in the productionWe used to meetin online chat, where we took turns in carrying out a radio and issues related to oldschool EBM and Anhalt EBM.

3. How can you discribe the sound you produce?
cold solidtough, gray in color and has magnetic properties

4. What is your musical influences?
Front 242, Vomito Negro, Aghast View, Split Second, Bigod 20.

5. What is your source of inspiration (life, art, music, movies)?
War moviesclassicFront 242 EBM, violence and coldness present in medium and large cities.

6. Your track "Transito" have a history. You can tell us about it?
Yes ... Through the  friend that lost his life in car crash, I realized the violence that lurks brings the speed and the coldness of the metal car.

7. How is the EBM scene in Brazil?
Many timesthanks to the efforts of individuals or small groups, I realize that the scene has a considerable space, especially in Sao Paulo, where there wereconcerts of bands like Project Pitchfork, black vomit and Signal Aout 42 and others. In the other regions I think it is more difficult and isolated. In the northeast see works such as Airen Terre, cybernetics, Synthetik Aguilatron Project Form and seek to produce something in the northeast. So, I need to stress the importance of space as "this one" where bands can showcase their work and exchange experiences with other EBMs. Thanks for space.

8. Have you ever been released?

9. Are you connected with some others bands in your country or in a foreigner country?
Via myspace ever had contact with the staff of the UMM, which produce an alias sound very good.

10. You have another project?
No, but I produce the project in partnership with Cybernetica from ​​Recife.

11. What genre of music you listen by this day?
I have been listening to EBM National bands such as Aghast View, Cybernetics Faces, Symbol, Harry, Tek Noir, cybernetics, and others.

12. What is the news for this year?
I can say I have a good surprise for 2012.

13. one word you like?

14. one word you dislike?

15. How can we be in touch with you? 

by the Messenger: 
by the Myspace:

16. This question we are making for all bands: Which brand of beer you use to drink?
Heineken  :)

Em português:

1. Você pode apresentar a banda e sua história?
Aguilatron Project foi criado em 2008, através dos samplers, vocais e edições de Jesus, vulgo Aguila. A idéia é produzir musica eletrônica a partir de qualquer som que representa a realidade veloz, fria fluida em que vivemos.

2. Como surgiu esse nome?
O nome surgiu por conta de meu próprio apelido ( Aguila) e da sugestão de amigos que estimulavam minha inserção na produção. Costumávamos nos reunir num chat online , onde  nos revezávamos na execução de uma radio e nos assuntos relacionados a EBM oldschool e Anhalt

3. Como você descrever o som que você produz?
Frio, solido frio,  tenaz, de coloração cinza e apresenta propriedades magnéticas

4. Quais são suas influências musicais?
Front 242, Vomito Negro, Aghast View, Split Second, Bigod 20,

5. Qual é a sua fonte de inspiração (vida, arte, música, filmes)?
Filmes de guerra, clássicos do EBM o Front 242, engarrafamentos, a violência  e frieza  presentes nas  médias e grandes cidades.

6. Sua faixa "Transito" têm uma história. Você pode nos contar sobre isso?
Sim ...   Através da morte de um colega de turma, que de forma irresponsável tirou a própria vida, percebi a violência que se esconde por de traz da velocidade e da frieza dos metais automobilísticos.

6. Como é a cena ebm no Brasil?
Muitas vezes, graças aos esforços individuais ou de pequenos grupos, percebo que a cena possui um espaço considerável, principalmente em São Paulo, onde houve shows de bandas como o Project Pitchfork, Vomito Negro e Signal aout 42 e outros.  Nas demais regiões penso que seja mais difícil e isolado. Mesmo assim percebo que bandas como Airen Terre , Cibernetica, Synthetik Form e Aguilatron Project buscam produzir algo na região  nordeste. Por isso, acho necessário ressalta a importância de espaços como “esse aqui” onde as bandas podem apresentar seus trabalhos e trocar experiências com outros EBMs

6. Suas musicas já foram lançadas em CD?

7. Você tem contato com bandas do seu país ou de um país estrangeiro?
Via myspace já tive contato com o pessoal do U.M.M, que alias produzem um som muito bom cantado em português.

8. Você tem outro projeto?
Não,  mas já produzir em parceria  com o projeto Cibernetica de Recife.

9. Que tipo de musica você tem escutado?
Tenho escutado muito  EBM  Nacional, bandas como Aghast View,  Cybernetics Faces, Simbolo,  Harry, Tek Noir, Cibernetica,  e outras

10. Quais são as novidades para este ano?
Após 1 ano parado, eu posso dizer que tenho uma boa surpresa para 2012.

11. uma palavra que você gosta?

12. uma palavra que você não gosta?

13. Como podemos estar em contato com você?

14. Esta questão estamos fazendo para todas as bandas: Que marca (tipo) de cerveja você gosta?

Jesus (samplers, vocals, and editions)

Interview By Vanessa for Radio Ebm Unidos Y Fuertes the 29/01/2012.

Aguilatron Project on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bancamp the 24.2.2012. Stay tuned!!

lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Radio EBM Unidos y Fuertes!, presents: Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol. I

They already join us : Electrophobia ( Catalonia ) , Rebel Empire ( Mexico) , Lokomotiv ( Portugal) , Blood Shot Eyes (Italia), Dr Body (Chile), Alt.G (Chile) , E.C.M (Spain), Tech Nomader (Spain), Struck 9 (Colombia), Ebm Stompers (Germany), D.f.o.w (Germany), Aguilatron Project (Brazil), Larva (Spain), Grosstracktor (Mexico), BÄR (Portugal), Decada 2 (Mexico), Digitizen (Catalonia), Megabeat / Interfront (Spain), Human Steel (Poland), Lomvi (Sweden), Karbu38 (France), Aghast View (Brazil), T.w.a.t. (Sweden), Steve-Steel Vs Sequenz E (Germany), Artilleria (Mexico), TÖT (France), Groupe.T (France), 747 Federales (Spain), Muezin (Poland), La Santé (Sweden), Gulga (Hungary), Grandchaos (Belgium), Ekobrottsmyndigheten (Sweden)...more to come, spread it!!

The compilation will be downloadable on Bandcamp for free, on the 24.2.2012.