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Interview: Tech Nomader (Spain)

I'm not a specialist, i can say proudly that it's one of mine first interviews, i wish not to be boring but i have to do it...We all know Tech Nomader sounds, but what about them? Certainly a lots of peoples don't give a shit about this question, probably first themselves..Me, i know them, this is why it's so difficult to me to realise it, after reading many interviews of this spanish doesn't matter, i have to jump, today i have to talk with Tech Nomader!

1. For the reader whose get closer to Guantanamo or travelling in Nepal for long years, can you tell us who is Tech Nomader?
Oh yes, Tech Nomader is an EBM project founded some years ago. The original formation was me (Jordi) and some idiot guy called Pablo who doesn't belong anymore to here. When I decided to keep the project alive without the help of Pablo an incredibly small tattooed guy called Tommy appeared. He is the actual partner in this reborn duo.
I (Jordi) was born in Barcelona and I provide the spanish lyrics for the band and Tommy from Wien (Austria), the other guy who is with me in this interview, is the provider for the deutsch lyrics. We plan just to make EBM in this project, to have fun, and nothing more!

 2. Jordi, where do you meet Tommy? And how you start to continue Tech Nomader together?
Jordi: We formed our meeting in a famous local liquor store here in Barcelona some years ago. He contacted me via internet because he traveled into my city to visit his girl (now his wife). It was the same week I decided to “reconstruct” Tech Nomader. I can say that Tommy was the guy who saved the project.
Tommy: Jordi does not tell you all the truth: The first time we´ve met Jordi just put some make up into my face and he told me that im in from now on. I had to shut up and pay the final bill of beers.

3. What inspire you to produce and write lyrics?

Jordi: We decide if it's a funny sound and then we make funny lyrics about a crazy idea, or we deform typical topics on music or life and we make deformed lyrics (like “Muskelfrau”). Sometimes I get inspiration due to the old EBM formulas used by the old bands and I try to use the kind of lyrics they used but for me it was always impossible to get it similar to them so finally it ends with a strange construction, nothing similar to the inspiration. This happens also when I decide to use aggressive or provocative lyrics which intend to be “general meaning”, not specifically against somebody (example: Mano Armada).
Tommy: Elvis Presley inspires me.

4. How do you work? lyrics at first or music?

Jordi: We don't have a certain way how to work. Sometimes we start with crazy lyrics, just a funny song title or sometimes I start only with the music and later I create a title and the lyrics.
Tommy: As Jordi asks me to create some german lyrics from time to time I always let some time pass until he forgets about his request. Meanwhile I can create some lyrics during my weekly shower and I can surprise Jordi with another great missing piece finally. 

5. Are you a compulsive producer or do you work slowly?

Jordi: I am a very slow worker, it takes me more than 1 or 2 months to complete a song.
Tommy: Slow but sure!

6. I think a lots of people are waiting you,do you have your 3 album under your bed?

Jordi: No, we are just making new songs for a future uncertain album. But the concept isn't planned yet. We are very lazy and we are taking some 'holidays'.
Tommy: Honestly, I don´t know nothing about a 3rd album……but! The 5th will be out soon! Hu! Ha!

 7. I remember the first time i saw you live, in Marseille, i was feeling a rough attitude better than some punk rock live show, it was you, the place, the public or it's always like this? ( i was too drunk but you was kind to don't push me out the backstage..)

Jordi: I will always say that one of the best concerts in Tech Nomader´s life was the gig in Marseille (Messes Synthetiques). We could feel the excellent atmosphere there and what we returned what the crazy crowd gave to us. Pure energy. That's a feeling which is difficult to find in a lot of concerts nowadays. This feeling is the result of all the factors together, it's a “magic”, nobody knows the science of a good concert, who knows... maybe it's an utopic concept and the musicians / spectators are always under divine commandments. Another nice concert was in Iberian Beat Machine 2011. Both shows will always be kept in my mind.
Tommy: As it was a real special night in Marseille for Jordi and me all the thanks need to be given to the team of Messes Synthetiques. There an excellent exchange of energy between people (drunk or crazy or sexy, I don´t remember in detail ;o) got real. After the concert Jordi and me had to transform into cars thus we got hungry for some Ham- and Cheeseburgers. We never did that before!

8. Tommy, how many keys you use for a live? do you have a fetish brand to recommand to our reader?

Ha, ha, this is the best question ever!
As you also joined our funny but short gig at the Familientreffen in 2011 you remember my only words on stage: “Made in germany” – holding the key up.
The funny thing is that never any keys broke but the tubes needed to be changed several times already (made in Spain) :o)

9. What do you think about this free web release? and generally about the rising of many news bands in Europe, in South/Central America?

Jordi: for me it's EXCELLENT, and they must be keep the EBM scene alive. Without new artists or projects this style of music would be boring. In South/Central America there are some really nice bands and I like some of them more than others but all of them are making the right thing in music! I think europe must pay more attention to this bands and to give them more opportunities. We started like them! The web releases for me are also good like a label release when the sound and compositional material has the same quality. I have a lot of bought CDs from labels and also a lot of web releases downloads and I love all this collection in both possible ways.
Tommy: Music in general is a product of free mind and free thought. As a part of any forthcoming revolution music needs to get cheaper anyway. Free releases are a must and pushing new artists is, either.

10. What can i find on your headphone? the best and the worst?

Jordi: This answer changes from time to time. The best off right now is a mix of the alltime loved EBM bands and my new music hobby: the guitar! So... I can say I love the EBM classics which you already know and some new bands which are raising just a few months or years ago, like ECM (a great promise for the spanish EBM scene), a hungarian band called Gulga, the finnish Oldschool Union and some other nice bands! I also like guitarists like Satriani, Vai, V. Halen, Randy Rhoads, G. Moore, etc.
The worst is when I start to search for bands of music like dubstep, cyber-electro, pop, indie-rock and those kind of things which I don't remember neither it's names. Sincerely... I don't like it.
Tommy: On my headphones you can find a big piece of dry shit of a seagull. I like that birds.

11. One day, i hear an history about a raid near my town, can you tell us more?

Jordi: Yes, if you are refering to the concert on March...we had been asked for to go there, but with our jobs and actual lack of time we cannot make neither our own songs. It's a whole large weekend in France due to Messes Synthetiques fest (In where our friends of Electrophobia will be playing) and also a pre-party in a stephen king-like town where Karbu38 nearly lives. But if you are referring to Cap d'adge I must say that finally I bought a house there for to make really giant 24h-orgies so we don't have time for music, sorry.
Tommy: With our speed we would arrive in 2026, would that be ok for you?

12. One word you like?

Jordi: “Monstruito”, “HDL: Hab Dich Lieb” and “cállate payasoooo”.
Monstruito is about Tommy (ask him what´s about), HDL is about a person who lift my heart up to heaven and cállate payaso just sounds great with a broken loud voice screamed to some motherfucker.
Tommy: One EBM world united! (world or word??)

13. One you dislike?

Jordi: Any which could have double meaning or the people misunderstands.
Tommy: No, I always like one. But a full one, please! (We are talking about: BEERS!)

14. And finally the most important, a beer you use to drink?

Jordi: definitely Im used to have some San Miguel and Xibeca because these are our local beers. These aren't that bad and not expensive. But Im still prefering the german ones (especially Weissbier!)
Tommy: All the 23 members of Tech Nomader are vegetarians and anti-alcoholics. But sometimes we make an exception. As I will never be able to tell you my one and only most favourite band, idol or something like that I can not tell you my favourite brewery. Austrian breweries do excellent jobs. If you ever have the chance then check these out: Hirter, Schlägl, Weitra, Murauer and last but not least the everlasting Viennese brewery´s hell-of-a-products called Ottakringer.

15. What's else for our reader?

Jordi: I discovered (or realized) a thing which can resolve the nightmares of a lot of people related to music: there is no “best” or ”worst” music. There are no technical precise terms to say “this is better than .... or this is worse than...”. Mozart is not better than Lady Gaga or DAF is not better than a stupid Reggaeton song and doesn't need to be of the same style to be criticized.
But you are 100% able and right to speak about your taste. You can say “I like this more than.... or I don't like that” and the reason will remain in an uncertain origin. Stay RELIABLE to your desires and tastes, speak with the truth about yourself on your hand and nobody would say you're wrong.
Apply this formula to your own life facts and people's facts and your vision will be more wide, versatile and powerful. (Tommy: Jordi is indeed an excellent spokesman, I like that!).
Cedric: Many thanks, guys! You are the Elite del bar!

Interview by Cedric fro Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 31.01.2012

Tech Nomader on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on bandcamp the 24.2.2012, 

stay tuned!

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