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Interview: Aghast View (Brasil)

It's a day not as everyday, it's an important day, we are going to Brasil to talk with the old timers from Aghast View!! You said Oldschool?

1. At first, can you please, introduce the band, his history and the members?
Wow, for Aghast View, it is huge Bio... I suggest visiting our FB page for that. But it was formed in 1993 and stopped its activities in 2003.
For Aesthetische - Established in August 2011, by Fabricio Viscardi and Guilherme Pires, Aesthetische is the natural consequence of Aghast View. Seasoned by years of electronic music and back to bring EBM roots to everyone who always enjoyed our music with Aghast View and Biopsy. We are now finalizing our first full lenght album Powerswitch for a mid 2012 release on Alfa Matrix Belgium.

2. What inspiring you to compose the musics and letters?

Letters are normally inspired by daily life and what feel strong about it, our ideas and protests. Sometimes, lyrix are only fictional pieces with no real contents, just fun. Music is inspired by other music as well as daily life noises, films, even weather.

3. 3 How can you discribe the sound you produce?
It is certainly 100 % electronic music with a hard edged sound, inspired by EBM from the 90´s, a bit of trance from the 2Ks and touches of metal and everything in between here and there. A label would be modern EBM with a bit of an old school feeling.

4. Tell us about your others projects.
Well, right now our main project and the only one which is active and consuming all our time and efforts is Aeesthetische. Biopsy was a more electro crossover project in the vein of the Swamp Terrorists and Aghast View, well you know about that one.

5. Your best bands of all time?
Well we are old school guys, who made us get into making music were : Front 242, Front Line Assembly and Nitzerebb. But there are many other favorite bands we had some infleuence like the Swamp Terrorists, Leaether Strip and Skinny Puppy for example. 

6. One word you like?

7. One word you dislike?

8. What is the news from 2012?
Big news for us. We are finalizing recording our 12 track debut album for AESTHETISCHE. It is named POWERSWITCH and will be out in mid 2012 on ALFA MATRIX BELGIUM. The cd will also have a ltd edition version as a double cd with remixes from us and from other great electronic artists.

9. How can our audience be in contact with you?
Anyone can feel free to contact us via email - Visit also our Facebook sites!

10. At last, for our beer ranking, which is the best for you?

Difficult to tell! I love the German Weissbiers and also the American Dark Stouts!

Interview By Vanessa for Radio Ebm Unidos Y Fuertes the 30/01/2012.
Aghast View on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bancamp the 24.2.2012. Stay tuned!!

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