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Interview: Electrophobia (Catalonia)

To be one of the first band to be agree to join us on our free web release, let's go to Catalonia to meet Electrophobia!

1. For the people whose don't yet listen to your music, can you introduce the band, the members?
Eduard Olle , principal voice
Sergio Trujillo,second voice
Victor Safont, electronic drums.
Electrophobia EBM is a band born in Barcelona in February 2011. The components are: Eduard Olle "ex Awilum", "ex Phantom Raised.":programing & voice. Sergio Trujillo, "former urban power". voice. Victor Safont victor "ex awilum", "old former coroner." electronic drums. Electrophobia is pure EBM, its members have gone through several groups as awilum ebm, old coroner, etc. and phantom raised by several collectivos as urban power (Lleida). Electrophobia is a band of Barcelona, we fully play electronic music.

2. How do you start this new project?
to shut the mouths of people who talk too much!

3. Your cd is just released, how do you feel?
excited and eager to continue working to show much better material.

4. Can you give More information about your musical background?
heard many types of music and varied ... we could not stop talking about music ...

5. What inspire you to produce your music, in our world, the life, music, art
what bothers me decide to do a song to talk about it, I use the music as a lethal weapon to defeat my enemies.

6. Since many years, Catalonia bring us many good bands, are you in contact with them? and from others countries?
In Barcelona there are very good ebm bands in Catalonia and Spain as well, that we know and we respect.

7. What do you think about our compilation?
is a very good idea and would like to support me, thanks.

8. Your best 10 albums of all time?
armagedon dildos , homicidial maniac.
pouppee fabrikk , rage.
bigod 20 , carpe diem.
leather strip , mental slavery.
the klinik , sabotage
signal aout 24 , vae victis.
escalator , antologia.
front 242 , tragedy for you.
nitzer ebb , that total age.
decibelios , caldo de pollo.

9. Many gigs the last years, more to come certainly, a cd in store, what can i wish you for 2012?
by 2012 we want to crush fascism and burn the politicians!.

10. One word you like?
revolution,sex,amphetamines and ebm!.

11. One you dislike?
politicians and wealthy pigs

12. The last, the same for the all, your favorite brand of beers?
they are many jaja, new castle,murphys,guniess,moritz,estrella damm ...

13. A last word for your audience?
buy our records and kill fascists.

14. And how can we be in contact with Electrophobia?

You can order the cd: Electrophobia "No habrá paz" on disconexus

Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos Y Fuertes, the 29/01/2012.
Electrophobia on Stomping before Apocalypse Vol.1 soon on Bandcamp the 24.2.2012. Stay tuned!

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