lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Radio EBM Unidos y Fuertes!, presents: Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol. I

They already join us : Electrophobia ( Catalonia ) , Rebel Empire ( Mexico) , Lokomotiv ( Portugal) , Blood Shot Eyes (Italia), Dr Body (Chile), Alt.G (Chile) , E.C.M (Spain), Tech Nomader (Spain), Struck 9 (Colombia), Ebm Stompers (Germany), D.f.o.w (Germany), Aguilatron Project (Brazil), Larva (Spain), Grosstracktor (Mexico), BÄR (Portugal), Decada 2 (Mexico), Digitizen (Catalonia), Megabeat / Interfront (Spain), Human Steel (Poland), Lomvi (Sweden), Karbu38 (France), Aghast View (Brazil), T.w.a.t. (Sweden), Steve-Steel Vs Sequenz E (Germany), Artilleria (Mexico), TÖT (France), Groupe.T (France), 747 Federales (Spain), Muezin (Poland), La Santé (Sweden), Gulga (Hungary), Grandchaos (Belgium), Ekobrottsmyndigheten (Sweden)...more to come, spread it!!

The compilation will be downloadable on Bandcamp for free, on the 24.2.2012. 

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