lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Interview: Gulga EBM (Hungary)

It's time to go to Hungary, where a new ebm act arise the last year, his name: Gulga
Discover on youtube, Gulga is a one man project born in 2011 in the east part of Hungary, in Miskolc city. He's making music since his childhood and played in some electro industrial bands.

There, he created hard ebm sounds, his favourite musical genre.
Gulga 's lyrics told about social distortion, fight of everyday and military feelings.

Gulga get his inspiration from classic oldschool band as Nitzer ebb, Front 242, D.A.F, but also form the neo oldschool scene as Kropp, Jager 90....
For 2012, he's working to a new project but continue to mixing new sounds for his self made project: Gulga.
We wish him many succes for 2012, Gulga ebm rules!!

You can meet him on his facebook page or

Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos Y Fuertes.
Gulga on Stomping before apocalypse vol.1 soon on bandcamp the 24.2.2012, stay tuned!!

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