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Interview: BÄR (Portugal)

The next one lives in Portugal. It's not a new comer, he's coming back with his one man project called: BÄR. Porto, here we come!

1. At first, who is behind the name of BÄR?
Behind BÄR it's just me, Nelson K. I do the compositions, lyrics and productions/mastering of all tracks.

2. How and when, you feel the need to start a solo project?
The idea of a solo project was on my mind, long before the creation of  Lokomotiv.
I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't have the technical  know-how to produce my own songs...
And I still don't, but now I have the suficient knowledge to produce my own tracks to the way I want. Alex from Lokomotiv gave me lots of pointers to do so

3. Lokomotiv is off?
Not at all. We have different, academic and professional agendas, so we are laying low, waiting for a chance to start moving again. Proving that, it's our schedule for gigs. One gig during this Carnival in our city (Porto) and getting ready to blast everything and everyone at the Familientreffen this year!

4. Is it so different to work alone?
Very different. In Lokomotiv there's some sort of a symbiosis between me and Alex. We can compose a great song in about 20 minutes without saying a word to each other during the process. In BÄR, is that easy, but, I can be very auto-destructive about self criticism. If I hear the track too many times, i begin to find lots of flaws and i tend to begin all over again.

5. What inspire you to write lyrics? what's the message you want to give?
Everything it's an excuse to do a lyric. A personal experience, life, society,  social injustice, war, peace. Most of my lyrics wants to open people's eyes to all the shit inside our world and inside our life.

 6. I know you are also dj, with a big musical culture? What do you prefer?
Well... that's a very difficult question. I have a very big musical background.
I first listen to EBM when I was 12 years old by the hands of some older friends.
I think it was Front242 with the track "Body to Body" and I loved it so much that the passion continued to this very day.
By that time I already was listening some other form of electronic music: New Wave, Visage, Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Alphaville, etc....
But all my teenagehood was spent listening to Punk and NY Hardcore. Nowadays... well... I prefer listening to EBM dark folk and everything from the Cold Meat Industry label.
As a dj, unfortunaly, i have to play a little bit of everything ehehe..

7. Tell us your 10 favorites albums of all the times
Uhh... that's a tough one... let's see:
Arcana "Dark Age of Reason"
Puissance "Mother of Desease"
Death In June "What ends when the symbol shatters?"
Sol Invictus "King and Queen"
Groupe T "Electronic Warfare"
Front 242 "Back catalogue"
Image Transmition "Filth"
Frontline Assembly "Caustic Grip"
Armaggedon Dildos "That's armaggedon"
Ionic Vison "Neumaschinen"

8. Which is your last ebm cd you bought?
I think it was AD:Key "That's it!".

9. What do you think about the idea to release a free web compilation to promote as egual the European & South American scene?
I think it's great. If one person wants to release something in the EBM scene, it as to be for the passion of it. I believe that free web releases it's a very good thing. We have done that in Lokomotiv and released two free EPs with BÄR. Groupe T (now there's some thing I do really like!) have all the releases free on the web. that's always a good example to follow. It's the best way to people know our work!

10. Gigs and some productions in 2011, what can i wish for 2012?
Same thing! In March, BÄR's going to play live in Guimiraes,the European Capital of Culture of this year and I'm trying to get some gigs out of Portugal. At this point I'm trying to do a gig in Barcelona with my EBM brothers: Electrophobia.About productions... I'm planning to release 2 more Eps for free download and release a Split cd with Electrophobia in June. Stay tuned!

11. One word you like?
12. One you dislike?

13. If i come in Porto, which beer we could drink together?
Super Bock of course! But I have a beer that I like even more than Super Bock: Estrella Galicia

14. One word to finish?
Lots of word actualy. I would like to thank you for this interview. The EBM community around the world for listening to my shit ahahah and my wife and son for being critics ahahah! EBM UNITED!

15. Can you give us yours contact?

Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos Y fuertes the 31.01.20 
BÄR on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on bandcamp the 24.2.2012, Stay tuned!

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