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Interview: Digitizen (Catalonia)

20 years of activism for this guy! devoted to the defense of the electronic body music...We go back to Catalonia, control, Digitizen is here!

1. Hello Roger, can you introduce yourself to readers?
Hello! Well, my name is Roger (AKA Roger24), I'm from Castelló (Valencian Country) on the Mediterranean coast and I'm the member of EBM solo project called Digitizen, (that started in 1994 as Biomechanic and then in 2006 changed to Digitizen). I started DJing in 1990, specialized in EBM, Industrial, Techno and Dark Wave music. I always wanted to create my own music. Really, I started programming in 1988 some New Beat tracks on a Commodore Amiga 500 . The dark and techno music has always been my passion, and as a vindictive person, I used the EBM for it. Front 242 are my reference ever.

2. After many years of djing, you decided to start produce your own tracks, it was a hard step to do?
No! It was quite simple. I had many ideas after listening to much music. Also, whenever I did it more as a hobby and sharing between knownn people and friends that professionally. My role as DJ was rather bad for the different styles of the time. I was too radical for the time of Dance and Trance music.

3. How was the ebm scene in the early 90's? And now? A big difference?
The difference is that now in Valencian Country does not exist. In 90's really started his final, being replaced by the Dance and House sounds, more commercial. The rise of EBM scene here was from mid to late 80's. Today the scene is strongest in Catalonia, but here are trying to do some festivals but without much success and for nostalgics, nothing new. A serious problem is that the parties are made between a closed circle and at the end is always the same. Furthermore, in Spain the concept of EBM scene is distorted and many other styles are assimilated into the EBM scene. I think that the EBM scene is in addition to a style, an attitude. You can not classify a band of techno or synthpop in the EBM scene because they are not.

4. Do you follow the actual scene and the rising of many bands all around the world?
Yes! Sure! I have never ceased to follow the scene and groups that continue from its beginning in the 80, like many who started recently. In fact, I am always updated and I am surprised by the amount of emerging bands and many with great quality.

5. What's the message you want to give through your production?
My message is always trying to be vindictive. The fight against animal abusethe destruction of earth, fascism, human oppression, absurd wars ... Keep in mind that in Spain there is still much social support the fascism of the Franco dictatorship, the imposition of their thoughts on all people of the state, Spanish culture, etc.. Currently being judged the Judge Garzon by investigate Franco crimes, and are ultra-right organizations that have denounced him!
Not understood. the Partido Popular (Popular Party) not remove names of places and streets dedicated to Franco's military, while in other countries like Germany that would be unaffordable. Keep in mind that Catalonia, Valencia Country and the Balearic Islands belonged to the Crown of Aragon and we were invaded by Castilian, imposing their language and their culture in 1714. We are not Spanish of heart, blood and mind, and many want to separate from Spain. We want to be a federal state called Catalan Countries (due to our own common language, the Catalan) consisting of Catalonia, Valencia Country and the Balearic Islands. But now it's complicated.
Another case in which I focus is about animal abuse. We have a blight with the bullfights, where torture and kill defenseless animals. We must end it.

6. What inspire yourself to create?
As I said, my ideology, quite apart from what many people in Spain think, because I don't feel Spanish. Respect for minority cultures and life of living beings of all species. Also my addiction to technology and cyberpunk!

7. As you had some years of djing, can you give us 10 or 15 "must have" tracks to put on a playlist?
Yes, of course! Not by order:
(Front 242) Masterblaster
(Tyske Ludder) Canosa
(Front Line Assembly) Digital Tension Dementia
(Skinny Puppy) Testure
(Leæther Strip) Japanese Bodies
(X Marks The Pedwalk) Abattoir
(Armageddon Dildos) East-West
(Project Pitchfork) Carrion
(yelworC) Blood In Face
(Funker Vogt) Beyond Your Believe
(Amnistia) Faceless
(BiGod 20) Body To Body
(The Invincible Spirt) Contact
(Robotiko Rejekto) Rejekto! (Perfecto Mix)
(MCL) New York
and many many more!

8. What do you think about our project made for promote the bands from all around the world and of course the latin bands?
I think that every project to promote the scene is welcome. And of course, for your part to promote groups is indispensable. I think you are the project that is moving and interesting in recent times.

9. What's your favorite brand of beer?
Affligem (Tripel) [:D]

10. One word you like?
Endavant! (forward! in catalan)

11. One you dislike?

12. One word for ending?
Say hello to entire EBM and Dark Electro scene who lives and feels really this music. Hopefully this will always follow hard for many years and not destroyed by posers bands. EBM Power!! Endavant!!


Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 08.02.2012.
Digitizen on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bandcamp The 24.2.2012, Stay tuned!

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