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Interview: Lomvi (Sweden)

Well, now we come back in Europe, more exactly, the north. A country well know, to the mostly of us, a country who gave us some awesome bands : this is Sweden! He's one of them even if, in fact, it's a project unique, he's Lomvi!

1. Hi, can you please introduce yourself for the reader whose don't yet know you?
Well, I´m from the south of Sweden, Lomma, just outside Malmö where i was born in 1955. I have had alot of different professions ranging from industrial worker to my current as psychologist/psychoterapist.

2. What about you first step in music, your musical background?
My first step in music was hitting a toydrum that my grandfather bought me. Thereafter I have always been kind of obsessed with things that makes sounds or noises. I don't have a formal music education apart from what i learnt at school and in church where i learnt to play the recorder.

3. I know you always share your music for free, is it an evidence for you?
I´m not planing a musical career so thats why I share my music for free. I have a full time work with something completely different as I said earlier.

4. What inspire you at each moment of creation for a new track?
I make music on the fly and the tunes that´s good enough to save may finaly become a new track. Since my youth I have listend to progressive, political music and I like the lyrics to take a stance. I like the socialrealistic aesthetics that is used in the oldschool movement.

5. Is there an history about the track you give for the compilation, "Line in defense"?
It came to my mind quite fast and began with the lyrics. I must admit that the lyrics found me while i was listening to Autodafeh. It´s about the enemy behind the line, on the side You able as Your own, the ones that will fall in your back. Looking around I think you can see it alot on different levels in society.

6. Sweden give us a lots of electronic bands since many years, Are you in contact with some of them? And from other countries?
Oldschool EBM is not that big in Skåne in the south of Sweden, I wish there where a bigger scene in Malmö, wich basicly is a workingclass city and should be able to produce more alternative music than indierock/pop and slugish synthmusic. There are exceptions in our region like Autodafeh, Covenant and a few others that are outstanding. The last years visit to Familientreffen in Germany has given the opurtunity to meet with the oldschool scene. And it has been a highlight of the year.

7. You know we started our compilation to give a real meaning to the word Ebm United, what do you think of this?
I think it´s a great idea that You have come upp with and It´s real nice that the initiative came from latin america, except you from France. Its important to see that latin america are not the backyard of the western world. I really would like to see new editions of the sampler in the years to come before the apocalypse.

8. Not an originally question, but important for our knowledge, what is you ten favorites tracks ever done?
Ten tracks... Hard to choose. There are others but these are great:
Orange sector – Profound
A.d.a.c. 8286 - Love Hate Rage and Pearling Rain
Autodafeh - Land of Nothing
Container 90 - Beccy Is a Stomper
Daf – Alles ist gut
Jäger 90 - Beim Ersten Mal Tat's Nicht Weh
Ionic Vision - Visions of Order
Nordarr – Menschenjagd
Spetznas – To the core
Spark - Tiden är vår.

9. A favorite from your production?
Well, "Krypskytt" or "Jag är din hund".

10. Have you something to wish for the international ebm scene in 2012?
To hell with powerty and more stomping.

11. One beer to share with our audience?
Carnige Porter a Swedish nice porter.

12. One word you like?

13. One you dislike?

14. Last for the end?
I wish you good luck with this initiativ and I´m looking forward to listen to all the tracks.

Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 02.02.2012.
Lomvi on Stomping Before Apocalypse on Bandcamp the 24.2.2012, stay tuned!

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