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Interview: Alt-G (Chile)

It's time to talk about Ebm, beer and distortion, i suppose you know who i'm going to meet, they are two, they come from Chile and they are Alt-G!

1. On your facebook profile, there's a good biography of the band, but can you please, tell us who are Alt-G?
The band is: Pablo Alvear ( Keyboards ) & Claudio Menay ( Vocals )
Alt-G is a intention to create a little of EBM on Chile, for "shut up" the guys from the Harsh-Electro bands. Is a form to say : “ Hey guys, this is the real Electronic body music! “ .

2. What's the meaning of Alt-G? 
Well… Alt-G have a lot of meanings, how G-Point, Old Generation, Alternate Combinations, Alternate Genes, etc...
Is a simple word. with the word "Alt-G" can imagine what ever, don’t have a meaning specific. unless... you give the meaning you want.

3. When do you decide to start in music? 

We start with the music so much time ago, with different projects and styles, how industrial rock, Synthpop and more, but with "Alt-G" since 2009 of pure EBM, agressive and simple.

4. How do you are organize to produce the tracks? 

First Pablo create the basslines, drums, etc. Later we make the lyrics with Claudio (over the bassline), and when we have a lyric finished, we start with the details how, keyboards, melodies, effects and more.

5. On your discography, we can find Spanish, German, English lyrics, is it an evidence for you, or its came after the music was made? 
First we decide the languages of the Album, we like sing in various languages,"for come to more people". We think to understand the music is a part essential of EBM. Ebm is not just music to dance, it' s music to think and activate our senses.

6. It seems that a lots of titles are talking about the working class, what inspire you?
We live in a world of lies, of conspiracy, desinformation, idiocy, decadence, and we can give you a lot of reasons of the base our lyrics, the most of people in the actuality are in a bad way... and we talk about it.
After all... we don't have political position.

7. You just release a cd, can you tell us more about it and Orion Records?
Orion Records are a Chillean Label of Alternative/EBM/Industrial Music, they are a group of dedicated people, enterprising people.
We released our álbum “Propaganda” in this label in Digital Format, and we are so happy to participe with them, and a lot of great bands of the label. 

8. I know you are in contact with some Europeans bands, some others collaborations are planning for the future? 

We just finished a collaboration with ELECTROPHOBIA in their álbum “ No Habrá Paz”, soon we start to work in a remix for the new album of Frontrot. And we hope many collaborations from different bands from the old Continent, for our next album, this is a invitation too, for all the bands who wants to collaborate with us in the future.

9. Your first demo is on free download, what is your feeling about our compilation?
Is a Honour, we are so happy for you consideration, and about our first Demo EP on free download, the music is for all, the music in the actually is to hard to sell, and we make music not to win money, we make music for leave a legacy for a Little group of people.

10. 5 tracks to don't forget on yours mp3? (for each members) 

Pablo Alvear ( Keyboards )
A Split Second – Rigor Mortis
Indicate – The lastest Idea
Bigod 20 - one
Front 242 – Quite Unussual

Claudio Menay ( Vocals )
Front line Assembly – Prophecy
Diary of Dreams – The Plague
Fear Factory – Powershifter
Prager Hangriff – Dilder deiner Angst
KMFDM - Godlike

11.  5 albums also? 

Together, we decided :
KMFDM – Nihil
Front line Assembly - Tactical Neural Implant
Front 242 – Front By Front
Nitzer EBB – That Total Age
Covenant - Skyshaper

12. One word you like? 


13. One word you dislike? 

14. I don't what to drink, can you recommand me a beer?

Well… the beer is best cool, and if you don’t know what drink… we recommand you to drink “Kunnstman” directly from the south and cold villages of Chile. Remember… 

15. One word to finish?




You can also order the cd "Propaganda" on OrionRecords.



Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 02.02.2012.
Alt-G on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bandcamp the 24.2.2012, Stay tuned!

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