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Interview: Human Steel (Poland)

That the smell of the machinery, the iron, and the steel sectors. The human being is one of their preocuppation. They are two workers from Poland, their name: Human Steel!

1. Hello guys, can you introduce your band, his member, a little biography?
Yes, the band members are:
Lindey: voice, synths, lyrics, samples, arrangement.
Martin: drums, arrangement.

Human Steel was formed in January 2007 under name "Lindstorm Project" in a small city of Głubczyce (Leobschütz) in southern Poland by Lindey, as an electro-industrial project. On the ruins of this project, at the beginning of 2010, when Martin joined to band, project was renamed to HUMAN STEEL. Then we began to follow the real EBM path. We try to play uncompromising electronic music inspired by ours interests, lifes and music which we listen such as oldschool and anhalt ebm especially, but also classic ebm and old good industrial and electro-industrial. Human Steel released only a demo CD called “First Contact” at the end of 2010. This CD contains four of ours very first tracks. Demo CD, of course, was issued from our own effort. In June 2011 band joined to polish label Halotan Records which led to released our first LP album called "CRANKSHAFT CRASH". Currently, Human Steel are working on the second material for upcoming new LP ("MONO VIOLENCE" autumn/winter 2012) and we are working hard in rehearsal room for upcoming live gigs.

2. What about your first step in EBM? (first band listened...)
Lindey: It is almost eleven years ago, when first time I have discovered electronic music. I always loved to listen an industrial, electro sounds and than one day Martin played me track of Jeager 90 ... it was "Stiefelblitz" and I was very impressed. This is how I discovered EBM music. It was simple and spontaneous way.
Martin: The very first ebm band I heard, I think, was Orange Sector. I have been heard OS in 1999, maybe 2000, maybe 2001... And I loved at first sight! Second important day for me was when I heard Jäger 90 and Sturm Café...

3. Human Steel, why have you choose this name?
We decided to choose this name, because it is simple and it is describing our music perfectly. This is controlled by human, but it is cold and sometimes hard as a steel.

4. To listen you since a long time, it appears to me you have a real facility to make several good productions, how do you work together?
Lindey: Generally, I am working on our sounds, arranges and lyrics. Martin is composing his drum section. After that we are connecting it and recording in our small studio.
Martin: Lindey does all of dirty job :)

5. What inspire you to create music and lyrics?
Our lyrics are about dehumanisation and self-destruction of our times, for sure. We are from the small town of working-class. It is the world without any perspectives for life. It is the place where you can find poverty and frustration, so our music is very aggressive and impulsive. Inspiration is around us.

6. Since the last year, you signed with Halotan records, it's change?
Lindey & Martin: Yes, that's true. We signed with Halotan Records and we are very happy. They are our good friends, so we like to work together. They have a lot of new and fresh ideas for music promotion.

7. It seems that some project arise from Poland, do you have contact with the different scene (ebm / Industrial / punk ....) in your country? In other country?
Yes, we are having contact with a lot of bands from Poland and from other countries. There are many bands with many different music styles - for example the punk scene, industrial and electro scene, cold wave scene and many others.

8. What are yours point of views on the anhalt / old school ebm bands? (In Europe / South America)
There are many fantastic bands from the anhalt / old school ebm scene. We think that it is still growing, developing and it is reaching new listeners. And, what’s important, South America begins its serious arise!

9. What genre of music you listen by this day?
Lindey: Everyday I am listening many different things. Not only the EBM music. There is a lot of punk, classical music, cold wave, country, hardcore, porno space rock and many, many other crazy stuff.
Martin: I mainly listen to EBM of course, but not only. I listen to drum’n’bass, hc, many dark electronics, punk rock, Oi!, synthpop. Sometimes I listen to swing, big band and and reggae & ska as well :)

10. What is your feeling about this compilation?
We are very happy in fact, that we could join this compilation. It is great thing, because it presents many new bands and make a promotion for them.

11. I know a second cd will come this year, some gigs, what can i wish you in 2012?
We are working on the second LP album. It is planned for the autumn/winter 2012. We are very happy to inform about the title : "MONO VIOLENCE". You can expect many gigs and "EBM kick" with our new album.

12. One word for our audience?
Lindey: Greetings!
Martin: There is no step back!

13. One word you like?
Lindey: Control
Martin: Hedonism

14. One word you dislike?
Lindey: Poverty
Martin: Betrayal

15. Without beers, the life wouldn't be fun at all, wich brand you like?
Lindey: I love beer from Czech Republic. My favorite brands: Zlatopramen, Bernard, Budweiser, Velen ... mhhhhhhhh :)))
Martin: Many of our polish beer, but first of all ‘Hammer’ from our hometown’s brewery, ‘Perła’, ‘Noteckie’, ‘Raciborskie’, ‘Ciechan Wyborny’. I like Czech beer for meals as well :) ‘

16. And one word for the end?
Lindey & Martin: Factory!

17. How can we be in contact with you?
Follow the links:

You can also find our cd Human Steel "Crankshaft Crash" on Halotan records.

Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos Y Fuertes, the 03.02.2012.
Human Steel on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bandcamp the 24.2.2012, stay tuned!

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