jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Interview: New Fabrik (Chile)

A last minute project joined us, Chileans are coming again! Another band from South America, who follow us on our compilation, time for New Fabrik!

1. For ours readers, can you introduce your band?
New fabrik was born as a soloist project as an ebm old school band style in 2010, 100% made Chile!
2. Why have you choose the name New Fabrik?
The name came to me with the impression of a new fabrik, with new machines, sounds clean, a whole new atmosphere that i wanted to give to my musical production.

3. Do you want to spread a message through yours compositions?
The most of my tracks speaks about the world destruction by the hands of men, and no one assumes responsibility for the disaster that is growing every day more and that we are all guilty, even a little.

4. What do you think about our compilation? A Free web release with a large place for latins bands?
I think that any project of ebm, electronica has to emerged, it has covered Latin America as its could be seen, with many good Latino bands from Mexico, Colombia or Chile!
Sure that they can be present.....for all of us it would be a great pleasure to be part of the world ebm

5. Your 10 favorites albums to bring everywhere?
Sturm cafe - so seelisch so choen
Bodystyler - Your boots
Front 242 - back catalogue
DAF - alles ist gut
Container 90 - scandinavian masters
Dupont - intermezzo
Jager 90 - muskeln und kusse.
Sequenz-E - Koerperkraftkontrolle
Spark! - ett lejon i dig
Serpent - immer voran

6. One thing you dislike?
In how I see things, from my point of view, one is injured in his own body with toxic, the degradation of the people who are running awaymoney, the world's evil and the invention of God.


Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 16.02.2012.
New Fabrik on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bandcamp the 24.2.2012, Stay tuned!

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